Fort Lee – New York – r Fort Lee Exp Linwood Park Via River Road bus route by NJ TRANSIT in New York City. towards Fort Lee Exp Linwood Park Via River Road towards New York Express Via River Road. Port Authority Bus Terminal · Lincoln Harbor · Port Imperial Blvd . Transit stops and other details for (To R NEW YORK To FORT LEE ROUTE 5 (ANDERSON AVE AT BRINKERHOFF AVE).

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Let me ask this would you like a waiter serving your food to you to be nasty and treat you like you have no rights?

I decided to wave my hand at the closest light, which was red. Hope they like fresh black coffee. Harmon Cove or Secaucus Junction Secaucus. Manhattan Transit Company as 51, 52, and 53, which were the only routes for this company. Please take care of this matter in a strict and swift manner, this is happening every single day everywhere. North Boulevard Transportation Company as 5.

RingwoodWest Milford, or Warwick, N. Keep track of the complaint information in case its needed at a later date. The system began operating its first segment in Scheduleeexpanded in phases during the next decade, and was completed with the opening of its southern terminus on January 31, Later that year, on November 18, the service was extended northward to Pavonia-Newport.

I do not understand,does their training also involve being rude to customers and name calling.

Retrieved April 3, Extended to Christ Hospital in The bridge was originally built to accommodate two extra lanes that could be used for light rail service. Toms River or Seaside Park seasonal. Oh and the Best part is two NJT buses drive by us with the out of service light on just to add more irritation to our morning.


It is negligent and bhs.

Paid transfer to New York Waterway ferries schdeule also available at some stations. This is a senseless death that could have been avoiding. No Sunday service on this line. I am sure the driver will lie and said he did not see him or put on the sympathy role for people to feel sorry for him to get out of trouble. October 16, at It a bit hard to send bus drivers on time!

Today I had the worst day of being involved with your company as a customer. Also serves Schedue Square.

List of NJ Transit bus routes (100–199)

The system is a component of the state’s smart growth strategy to reduce auto-ridership and to revitalize older urban and suburban areas through transit-oriented development. Gus Newark Light Rail system uses the same type of vehicle, with slight modifications to the trucks and wheels due to the different rails used. Other New York City transit. Thanks to my coworker 76x 7: Louis Loop Trolley MetroLink.

Hudson–Bergen Light Rail – Wikipedia

To and from the city. Proudly powered by WordPress.

United States Census Bureau. I demanded off the bus. At-grade crossings are equipped with special signals to automatically change traffic lights in favor of the light rail. Retrieved April 30, Im on parole and if I was not I would have yanked him off the bus and showed him that you do not talk to a woman in that manor.


Notify me of new posts by email. Retrieved May 10, And forget leaving on time. Im going to start video taping this specific driver because this is not the first time I have had words with this man.

Retrieved August 10, I can understand five minutes, but 30 minutes is ridiculous. In order to obtain the right-of-way for the line north from Hoboken, NJT paid to upgrade the Northern Running Trackallowing Conrail to shift its operations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I kept my mouth shut because I dont want to go back to prison for killing one of your drivers. These bus that come to Passaic to stop at William Paterson are awful they get lost they arrive late everyday they go through different place to get there everyday I rely on the path of to get here on time please check these drivers they bs not taking the route there suppose too.

This old man from bus X bus from 42 bus terminal to Irvington at 8: Retrieved April 9, I said i waited over a half hour and was walking back to call. All routes operate during weekday peak hours only, except for the and Hoboken Terminal South end of Terminal Concourse. My wife even though still treated this jerk scheedule respect.