Alastair Reynolds redefines Hell in this award-winning novel that confirms him as “the most exciting space opera writer working today”(Locus). The once-utopian. Alastair Reynolds redefines Hell in this award-winning novel that confirms him as “the most exciting space opera writer working today”(Locus). Chasm City is a stand alone novel by author Alastair Reynolds, set in the Revelation Space universe. It deals with themes of identity, memory, and.

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Alastair Reynolds – Chasm City () Review | A Sky of Books and Movies

This weekend is not a technical book reynoods one filled with physics and mathematics. At least he knows who he is, though. Reynolds uses some inventive methods, or at least clever twists on older methods, for revealing both the characters’ pasts and alastar history of the worlds in which the story is set.

This is a classic Alistair Reynolds novel that is a bit lighter in the hard science genre. I know it sounds gross, and I suppose that’s partially the meaning I intend to convey, but I also mean that Chasm City oozes darkness and human desperation, and I further mean that the setting—Chasm City itself—oozes around you while your read, displacing your warm and comfortable wealthy Western surroundings.

This is the leanest and meanest story I’ve read of his. He also has added in a decent and memorable support cast. So basically, we’ve got a fairly standard vendetta plot, populated by one-dee characters including a protagonist who arguably has no personality at all — conceptual spoiler alert! Alistair Reynolds has me on the hook. The once-utopian Chasm City—a domed human settlement on an otherwise inhospitable planet—has been overrun by a chaam known as the Melding Plague, capable of infecting any body, organic or computerized.

It is a book that makes you wonder in delight but at the same time envelopes you in tension and mystery. He begins as an ambitious but sympathetic young man, but through various events he starts to make decisions that take him to the dark side, as he morphs into a power-hungry individual who seeks to take over the starships and destroy his rivals.

But this story is told through one of the most intricately interwoven narrative modes I have ever encountered. It will engage with your mind and leave you very satisfied at the end.


Notify me of new comments via email. My fictional world had been turned upside down with one word, with one stroke of the pen.

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alastqir I always tend to give high marks to novels. Okay, maybe “snazzy” isn’t the right word … “oozy” is probably better. Chasm City is juicy and chewy and it burns your throat on the way down. Now, with the entire city corrupted -from the people to the very buildings they inhabit- only the most wretched sort of existence remains. I saw it coming, but when it did actually happen, I was still stunned.

The woman Zebra in particular came across as constructed as an exotic love interest. Another step toward what could become a very significant 21st century hard SF career.

Write a customer review. For in Chasm CityReynolds has given us a dripping wet, sticky, seedy, smelly shithole of a place to set a story … a city covered in a layer of literal and figurative slime … a city which has no laws except the law of the strong and the weak, the law of the very rich and the very poor… a city inhabited by buildings that have reshaped themselves according to their own arcane will … and the buildings inhabited by people that scrape the bottom of the barrel of human experience and are grateful for the handful of filth they find.

Books split by reynolss language publisher.

Obviously as the book progresses, the links between these different stories gradually emerge. The City’s society collapsed and reformed itself into a state divided by class.

I was not disappointed. I found myself somewhat rooting for the other trying to take over his mind long before the twists made it super plausible as well as inevitable.

Alastair Reynolds Chasm City Reviewed by Rick Kleffel

I read all the glowing reviews. One of the main characters contracts this virus, which implants the memories of a revered historical figure, thereby revealing key historical facts. And yet, In Chasm City, Alastair served up something truly new at least for me and managed to deliver a r Well. Jan 03, Dirk Grobbelaar rated it it was cnasm Shelves: As Mirabel enters Chasm City and burrows deeper and deeper into the mystery of the City, the riches and the plague, Hausman’s life unravels before the reader’s eyes.

More By and About This Author. It dismays me that I cannot tell you more, but if I did, I’d ruin a seismic shift in reading experience for you. As every other review notes, this book is part ciyy the Revelat We all have triggers, certain topics in our beloved genres that instantly make us sit up and pay attention. It’s something hidden, an underlay of expectations that successfully build so much momentum that the text screams like xhasm runaway train and it doesn’t matter how much inane and crazy plot-twists crop up, because you’re just left holding on to the ride.


Tanner tracks his desired target to Chasm City where a plague occurred seven years prior to the opening of the book. The Glitter Banda sparkling diorama of ten thousand orbital habitats, has been reduced to a ” Rust Belt ” of a few hundred survivors, mostly primitive and pre-nanotech antiques.

Perhaps it’s the fact that all of these show up in one not-particularly-long book that gives ‘Chasm City’ the sense of being slightly wandering and unfocused. This site uses cookies. Although there are some moments i do not agree with, as a whole, from the point of view of natural sciences it is mostly realistic.

Of all his books, I maintain that this one is the most dedicated to the characters, and has the most self-contained plot. But as he follows his target through chaotic post-Plague Yellowstone, being hunted himself in a local “game”, he not only causes problems for the local power structure but becomes less and less sure he actually is who his records say he is.

Another subplot involves a subculture in Chasm Ckty which revolves around a particular drug called “dream fuel. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? There was a lot of classic gumshoe-style detective work in this that detracted from Reynolds’ excellent sci fi world building, ctiy it felt over-long by about pages. You have to take the cabinet apart and reassemble it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There were too many fantastic ideas and too many wonderful scenarios to be dealt with in a single novel.

Discover what to read next. But alternating with this story, we get another story, the story of Sky Haussman, now seen as a political criminal, but at one time regarded as a colonizing hero.