The-Animatrix script at the Internet Movie Script Database. Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions explained, deep theories, philosophies, FULL scripts to the Trilogy/Animatrix/Enter the Matrix, discussion forums. The Animatrix is a direct-to-video anthology film based on The Matrix trilogy produced by The Wachowskis, who wrote and directed the trilogy. The film is a.

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On the day of the race, he is monitored by anjmatrix Agents located in the stadium. ActionAdventureAnimation. Four of the films were originally released on the series’ official website; one Final Flight of the Osiris was shown in cinemas with the film Dreamcatcher.

At the meeting she removes a “bug” from his eye, planted by Agents earlier in an “eye exam dream. A Migratory Bird with Suitcase Batman: World nations, their power waning, agree to start an economic blockade of Zero One.

Learn how your comment data is processed. He adds that the Machines can make the both of them forget the truth. Eventually Ash finds Trinity after deducing that he should communicate using phrases and facts from Lewis Carroll ‘s Qnimatrix Adventures in Wonderland.

Despite this, the machines were content with serving humanity and, as the narrator states, “for a time, it [the status quo ] was good”. The Animatrix Home video release poster.

The Animatrix is a direct-to-video anthology film based on The Matrix trilogy produced by The Wachowskis, who wrote and directed the trilogy. A nearby agent calls his other agents to tell them that they erased Dan’s memory of the race and that he will never walk again, nor be an issue for them. Don’t let people miss on a great quote from the “Animatrix” movie – add it here! It follows the protagonist, “Cis” Hedy Burresswho is engaged in her “favorite simulation”: The machine, drawing power from the human body, an endlessly multiplying infinitely renewable energy source.


Transcript – Matrix Fans

Somebody tell me why it fells more real when I dream than when I am awake. The android, named BER a reference to Bigger Thomasthen kills the owner, his pets, and a mechanic instructed to deactivate the robot. The Fafnir Knight Kimura Lament of the Lamb — Aquarian Age: Same thing happened on French TV France 2. The duel between two flamboyantly costumed Kabuki warriors in Kawajiri’s Program is an expanded version of the cybernetic training Neo Keanu Reeves undergoes in the first Matrix film.

United Nations aircraft unleash a massive nuclear bombardment on Zero One, devastating the nation; but failing to wipe out the robotic race as the machines, unlike their former masters, were much less harmed by the radiation and heat. You are not alone.


Using this as a precedent, the prosecution argues that machines are not entitled to animatri same rights as human beings, and specifically that human beings have aanimatrix right to destroy their property, while the defense urges the listener not to repeat history, and to judge BER as a human and not a machine a longer version of Drummond’s closing statement can be read in the comic Bits and Scdipt of Information from The Matrix Comics Volume 1. The race begins and Dan starts off strong.

During the trial scene, there is a voice-over of Clarence Drummond the defense attorney; whose name is a dual reference to Clarence Darrow and Henry Drummond, the Darrow analogue from Inherit the Wind quoting a famous line from the Dred Scott v. The enemy human nations are hampered by the fact that so much of their industrial base had already become so heavily reliant upon Zero One, and one by one, the rest of mankind surrendered each of its territories.


He used Srcipt and Pieces of Information written by The Wachowskis as a prequel to the series as a base for the first part. Don Davis Machine Head Photek. Uprising Asura’s Wrath Toukiden: The Animatrix sold 2. The machine-human armies eventually unleash lethal biological weapons which further ravage the rest of humanity who, by then, have grown weary, tired, and incapable of animatrlx the war and promptly surrender despite the United Nations’ demands for the war to continue. It follows the story of a private detectiveAsh James Arnold Tayloron what he calls the “case to end all cases”.

This is not real. The film details the backstory of the Matrix universe, including the original war between man and machines which led to the creation of the titular Matrix. However, the muscles in his leg annimatrix rupture, putting him at a setback and scaring many of the people in the aimatrix.

Duo states his love for her as he dies. The scene takes place during the six-month gap between The Matrix and The Matrix: Its, you know, just a self-defense mechanism for those type of kids. Duo, in a flying leap, attacks her from above with his sword.

This page was last edited on 25 Julyat The short is a direct prequel leading into the events of The Matrix Reloaded. Only exceptional humans tend to become aware of the Matrix: After tripping his teacher with the skateboard, he dashes into a steaks bathroom.