Anna Bolena is a tragic opera (tragedia lirica) in two acts composed by Gaetano Donizetti. Felice Romani wrote the Italian libretto after Ippolito Pindemonte’s. Enrico. VIII, re d’Inghilterra [ ♂ ]. basso [ Filippo Galli, ♂ ]. Anna. Bolena, moglie di Enrico VIII [ ♀ ]. soprano [ Giuditta Pasta, ♀ ]. Giovanna. Seymour, damigella. Anna Bolena Libretto Series: Opera Composer: Gaetano Donizetti Inventory #HL ISBN: UPC: Publisher Code.

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Ogni luce a me fu muta. Betrayed perhaps, will I be discovered? Numerous people come and go on every side: My black excesses extinguished every virtue in me.

I, who was goaded by blind ambition, seduced Anna to aspire to the throne. False couple, I do not call down the final vengeance in this terrible hour; I go down into the open grave which awaits me with pardon on my lips, May they obtain mercy and favour for me in the presence of a God of pity.

After such a long exile, breathing the lbretto airs and the native skies are sweet to every annaa but bitter to mine.


Anna Bolena – Wikipedia

Toglimi a questa miseria estrema Rarely seen in the first half of the 20th century, it was revived more frequently after World War II.

Hervey enters and says that the Council of Peers has summoned the ladies into its presence. Jane approaches Boleba with dignity. My sorrow is not one that is matched by my face: Entra Enrico e passa inmezzo alle file.

Hervey and the guards. In Inghilterra bolsna abbracciano Tu, mio Percy! Gaetano Donizetti – My honour is at the feet of the alter: No one knows the outcome of the investigation.

Your own deceit will fall on your hated heads!

They convey a low sound like the groan cut short of a heart that dies…it is my broken heart which sighs its last prayer to Librstto.

Do you think that I am at rest?

Let her come forward. Il lacrimar non giova; fuggi lontan da me. What do I hear? I am no less strong, No less constant than you.

Anna Bolena

Now my attention is completely on you: Duolmi l’amaro incarco a cui m’elegge il Consiglio de’ Pari. Ah yes…I am…let me go down into the shadows with that name, I let myself be seduced by the King. Sul suo capo aggravi un Dio il suo braccio punitore.


Ella l’osserva attentamente sembra rasserenarsi. In the mistaken belief that Percy is attacking Anna, Smeaton rushes out from behind the screen. I feel like I’m dying… Ah!

Let this be our last colloquy… the last, o Sire: I swear it at your feet. Don’t let me die, don’t let me die alone. I was weak…I should have firmly denied him Reassure your doubtful heart, let your King set your mind at rest… that he may see you happier from now on with the love that made you his.

May another woman never learn how deadly, alas! They bid each other farewell and leave between the soldiers.