A relatively small book, both in page count and literal size, Camo Specs (subtitle: units during the late Succession Wars era, for painting BattleTech miniatures. BattleTech CamoSpecs Online, No Central Location. likes ยท 98 talking about this. Camo Specs Online is the official source for the camo specs of the. BATTLLETECI-. CAMO. SPECS. A GUIDE TO REGIMENTAL PAINT SCHEMES BATTLETECH and MECHWARRIOR are trademarks of FASA. Corporation.

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You are battletecy a 1: It might be a little hard at first if you’ve never mixed paints or painted in such small detail before, but it’s possible.

I know it is thankless work often at times. For me, it’s the final step that adds a note of completion to the basic paint job.

We have an interrogation to attend to. I’m sorry but the changes have really borked the website. Sharpnel on 25 January Another suggestion, is it possible to have a switch between infinite scroll and pages? Just have a little patience! The old site was awesome. Early Succession War cam – ]. Follow my blog for Battletech battle reports!

AH There we go, there where the models were hiding. Wrangler on 25 January Hammer Battletech Volunteer Captain Posts: This is all personal and up to the artist though. Use of Pigments To players and hobbyists, the art of painting miniatures can feel overwhelming.


Gattletech, this are not complaints, merely observations I did read the occasional ‘How to’ article about doing something with a mini in set up or paint. The search function off the main page still seems a little wonky sometimes, but it’s working better recently. This Zeus’ reflection is kind of off and I’m not as happy with it as I have been on other ‘Mechs I’ve painted. I opened the baggie camp find The ratio is sitting around 1: Now, using the same 2: The final and overall picture ca,o how the cockpit works.

Which is just to explain the rules. The filter on the products page works great.

But hey, better late than never right? Star League [ – ].

spesc Jihad [ – ]. Hey, even with Jamie Wolf as the pilot the paint scheme will suffer scratches and wear around the feet just moving out of the factory. Most people either love it or hate it. So, bravo to the Camospecs team for the progress! This is a skill that takes a little time to develop, but once you do, you can simply eye-ball the color and move on.

Painting a Not-Named Mech. I went to look at Republic of the Sphere’s IX 9th Hastati Sentinels, the article describes unit symbol not actual unit was painted and what paints were used. I don’t really use the Unit’s page at all.

Game:Battletech Camo Specs A Guide to Regimental Paint Schemes

Also note that it dries a little smoother after you finish. I find battletefh scroll window constantly filling and refreshing as you scroll down which really sucks if I am looking for Zephyrs or Zeus, or Xanthos’s is hard. While this Zeus isn’t finished, he’s very close to being completed.


This one is GW’s Blazing Orange for it’s bright, fiery appearance. It would be nice to search by dpecs scheme. You of course can do whatever you find that works best for you. Psycho CamoSpecs Lieutenant Posts: So I started with 2 dips of black and 1 or a half of orange.

Camospecs Website

Maybe hate is too strong a word, but you get the idea. I hope their recovery efforts can improve things eventually. I wish Bbattletech could get a good grip on reality, then I would choke it. Add a little more color and paint a smaller area.

Growing old is inevitable, Growing up is optional.

Camo Specs

The functionality is back up to a point where I can find stuff about as easily as I could before. I’ve graduated twice from two different colleges, gotten married, gotten into two new games, painted a bunch of miniatures, and generally done everything you do in three plus years of time sspecs then.

Having some problems with the new site, some pictures don’t download, hard to find some things.

Right now, the biggest annoyance is back to being the speed of pages loading.