created the B Cockpit Companion in digital format for the Apple iPad. & Bill Bulfer created the B Cockpit Companion in digital format for. Buy Boeing NG Cockpit Companion 53 by Bill Bulfer (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. NG Cockpit Companion [Bill Bulfer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Airplane or pilot instruction.

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Add a Poll to this Thread. Start cockoit add to list layer. This is interesting when viewing the newly drawn Electrical diagrams. Changed the wing anti-ice diagram on the Anti-Ice System Notes.

Added an electrical diagram to the Ground Service bilfer description. Thanks for the reply. See full item description. The link to Leading Edge Publishing is in the article, but the site is http: Bulger solenoid shows what action is performed when the Yaw Damper switch is placed to ON. For the latter, switch to the official Chinese website www. It is for educational purposes only. They are intended as learning aids by pilots in those carriers, and rely on pilot input to stay relevant.

Just wonder if anyone has the book. It also contains a number of reference options, so you can look up data without having to work through the control panels.

This can be printed and used in preparation for your initial or recurrent training. If you have an iPad Pro the display change is instantaneous. They’re not official source material so if you use them and it goes pete tong, when you’re hauled in front of bylfer magistrates you’re up a creek with the proverbial. The app features a touch-through navigation scheme, so you can start with the top-level cockpit view, and find notes specific to the panel you deal with. Bulfers RYR cockpit comp. Surface area of these actuators is larger than the retract actuator.


Just a matter of trust. I, too, have tried to obtain these books but they are not available on Amazon any longer although they once were. Be sure to read. It also contains a number of reference options, so you can look up data without having to work through companiin control panels. However, you need to delete 1. Back to home page Return to top.

Leading Edge Publishing – Cockpit Companion, FMC User Guides

A very small number of users will be affected: Everything from using conditional waypoints to performance calculations, from forecasting to engine out procedures, this book describes it all. I have emailed him your details to get the ball rolling. Our goal is to test against the current OS and one OS earlier. It now includes the Classics. Once an item is selected, we display conventional MMEL information.

There are two fundamental modes: Notice the 4 columns of text near the top. Deleting the app will delete all notes. The Browse mode is the heart of the program, and will be familiar to users of B Alerts.

Boeing Cockpit Companion by Bill Bulfer | eBay

Re-wrote flap position indicator. Addresses “green screen” startup bug after any crash. Did a lot of work to the PFD fail flags. You may not post new threads.


The Bill Bulfer Books

Tech Log The very best in practical technical discussion on the web. If you bylfer a price, you may not be logged in with the same account you originally used to purchase the app. However i have a massive caveat with these books.

We discovered a late-breaking bug that may render the app unusable. Please contact us for info.

Boeing 737 Ryanair Cockpit Companion – Bill Bulfer

In production sinceB Cockpit Companion has been a valued resource for airline pilots worldwide. For example, this book is where I learned that the light grey panels on the forward overhead are what systems are affected by pulling a fire handle.

The circuit breaker mode shows an exhaustive list of circuit breakers. Excerpt from Cockpit Companion detailing some of the upper DU engine indication operations.

Wish there was colour photos in it though. The description of the bypass valve has been moved to the Manual Gear System Notes. The management reference guide is quite usefull as well. It is a pdf so you can make it big. Added a drawing that shows the components of the CDS.

More work remains on the Classic. I personally like the information that can be found in the MRG and bill bulfer books. Second, choose one of the four airplanes that currently have MAX information.