Home > Archive > Consciencism: Philosophy and Ideology for De-Colonization by Kwame Nkrumah. Author: Kwame Nkrumah. Publication date: Nkrumaism (sometimes Consciencism) is an African socialist political ideology based on the thinking and writing of Kwame Nkrumah. Nkrumah, a pan-Africanist . CONSCIENCISM Philosophy and Ideology for Decolonisation Kwame Nkrumah Dedicated to The Members of my Philosophy Club, without whose.

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Philosophy, in understanding human society, calls for an analysis of facts and events, and an attempt to see how they fit into human life, and so how they make up human experience. In pursuit of his nkrujah vendetta, he elaborated the principles of The Republic.

Suppose a man were asked to provide an inventory of objects in a room, and he counted all the legs of tables and chairs, as well as flat tops and backs, then he could not in the same inventory count tables and chairs.

Nkrumaism – Wikipedia

To destroy sacerdotal power and its associated arbitrary social structure, it was necessary to remove their grounding; it was necessary to give a natural account of the world. To deem it not to have one is to enter a plea of jkrumah against the Principle of Sufficient Reason.

It is of course possible conscoencism see the history of philosophy in diverse ways, each way of seeing it being in fact an illumination of the type of problem dealt with in this branch of human thought.

And this new oligarchy of the dark and middle ages, like the one from which we started, sought its sacerdotal ally. And as the subject is merely grammatical, it cannot serve as a genuine principle of collection of thoughts which will mark one batch of thoughts as belonging to one person rather than another.

Rules of thumb allow for a certain measure of arbitrariness and partiality in application. And yet these systems did aim at providing a philosophical account of the world in the circumstances and conditions of their time.

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The answer to the first question has a number of aspects. This dichotomy in French thought cleft the nation seriously,and Huet, Foucher and Pascal contributed comsciencism this dichotomy, as against Malebranche and Montaigne. Nevertheless his philosophy only supported a revolution which was in a sense bourgeois.

A Journal of the Philosophical Association of Kenya 1 2: The history of Greek democracy, for example, must really be traced to Thales.

Indeed, Thales himself was bourgeois in his actual political life. Consciencism aimed at decolonising Africa and changing the mindset of the African people to make sure that Africans do not replace their indigenous traditions with that of the western culture. Bengy rated it really liked it Feb 09, And even when, because we have not paid full attention the matter on hand, we have not yet ascertained the truth, we must co-operate with others in supporting the demands of order as conceived by them.

Plato was called to Syracuse to educate a future ruler.

Consciencism: Philosophy and Ideology for Decolonization

And yet his own position represents a stage in the unfolding of social dialectic. But when it was a case of presenting a section of history, that is, of a practical application, it was a different matter and there no error was possible.

The social contention of philosophy was accepted even as late as the Russia revolution of I9I7. It coneciencism and accepts differences among men, but allows them to make a difference only at the functional level.

But when materialism becomes dialectical, it ensures the material basis of categorial conversion. In effect, however, they both seek the origins of the varieties of object of the world in something which itself forms part of the world. Linear evolution is incompatible with the evolution of kinds, because the evolution of kinds represents a linear discontinuity. This nkruma became a tour de force in the political philosophy of John Locke.

Consciencism Philosophy and Ideology for de-Colonization

Besides, in the long run a dialectical opposition between consfiencism and state will be re-created through what begins by being a tactical move becoming entrenched.


I have said that in face of the humanism which the Renaissance developed, the Church preserved herself by making a concession here and a compromise there, thus avoiding a head-on collision.

But these titans were expounded in such a way that a student from a colony could easily find his breast agitated by conflicting attitudes. For perception only takes place by agency of the senses, and the senses are capacities of the living and organic body.

Jack Solano rated it liked it May 17, Indeed, his theory of the unity of nature is in certain respects a more rigorous and close one than that of the monists. It is true that revolutionaries are produced by historical circumstances — at the same time, they are not chaff before the wind of change, but have a solid ideological basis.

Empiricism, on nkrumh other hand, has no such inference to offer. Owing to the change in the nmrumah of society whereby social-political hegemony passed into the hands of the mercantile oligarchy, prosperity no longer depended in a crucial way on a propitiation of the gods in connection with agriculture. Such differences are, even so, objective, and neither arbitrary nor ideal. In the particular case of Greek societies, however, certain qualifications need to be made.

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In the examples chosen I have tried to illustrate the way in which early materialist philosophy of a monist kind is suggested by social phenomena, and in turn inspires social phenomena and policy. The history of societies in which priests have wielded political power abundantly illustrates this tendency.