Home > Archive > Consciencism: Philosophy and Ideology for De-Colonization by Kwame Nkrumah. Author: Kwame Nkrumah. Publication date: Nkrumaism (sometimes Consciencism) is an African socialist political ideology based on the thinking and writing of Kwame Nkrumah. Nkrumah, a pan-Africanist . CONSCIENCISM Philosophy and Ideology for Decolonisation Kwame Nkrumah Dedicated to The Members of my Philosophy Club, without whose.

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Heat, for example, is a particular sort of process of atoms. History of Western Philosophy. Even much later than ancient times, even as recently as the middle ages of Europe, other concerns of life were tyrannically subjected to the religious concern at the insistence of the clergy.

Kwame Nkrumah, Consciencism Philosophy and Ideology for de-Colonization – PhilPapers

The power of the Church could still be felt, and philosophers like Descartes and Leibniz, inspired by fear of being recognized immediately as undermining the social power of the Church in favour of humanism, prudently suppressed their definitive works which only saw the light of day posthumously. Mankind, it is alleged, has no road to knowledge save the highway of sensation.

I was introduced to the great philosophical systems of the past to which the Western universities have given their blessing, arranging and classifying them with the delicate care lavished on museum pieces. John Ezenwankwor – – Open Journal of Philosophy 3 1: There are various ways in which this driving interest is satisfied. This was hardly surprising as he had consciencisj the unity of nature.

The social implication of their metaphysics was a certain egalitarianism which theoretically implied democracy and socialism.

That is to say, these ideas have not entered the mind from outside, and moreover could not do so. Ideas, the alleged constituents of physical objects, were held to be only in the mind, and to be incapable of existence outside it. Open Preview See a Problem?

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The libertins, the French free-thinkers, had suffered persecutions and crisis after crisis.

And Aristotle, to conscienciem extent that he regarded the democratic society as the perfect form of society, also operated idea of a finite social evolution.


One interesting point is that, the difference between them notwithstanding, Plato and Aristotle both conceived society in static terms.

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Nkrumaism – Wikipedia

Consciencism Kwame Nkrumah Limited preview – Duboisand Father Divine. As a minimum, it affirms the existence of matter independent of knowledge by mind. But when this passage carries one through colonialism the reform is revolutionary since the passage from colonialism to genuine independence is an act of revolution.

Instead of considering culture as cohsciencism gift and a pleasure, the intellectual who emerged therefrom now consciencims it as a personal distinction and privilege.

Another hard fact is the distinction between qualities and quantities, while a third is the conscienciism between energy and matter. It is therefore hardly surprising that in the Christian Bible precisely this is held. It was as their religion became less congregational and more individual that the power of the priest, already implicitly queried by the new philosophies, diminished significantly.

Consciencism: Philosophy and Ideology for Decolonization

This article has no associated abstract. The universe thus becomes a plurality of thoughts which are unattached. From the standpoint of theory of knowledge, philosophical materialism treats the differences as belonging to logical grammar.

Rationalism and empiricism also vary over the avenues to knowledge. The idea of perception through physical senses therefore becomes incoherent in idealism.

Problems of categorial conversion have haunted philosophy at least since early Greek times. This defective approach to scholarship was suffered by different categories of colonial student.

Consciencism Philosophy and Ideology for de-Colonization

According to Leibniz, every monad is completely self-contained and is completely windowless on every other monad. He connected democracy with knowledge by saying that the truth on any matter had several sides which no single person could encompass in his individual gaze.

consckencism In the technical society, this would inevitably breed an economic disproportion, and it would head society straight towards capitalism. The history of societies in which priests have wielded political power abundantly illustrates this tendency.

People who are most aggressively religious are the poorer people; for, in accordance with the Marxist analysis, religion is social, and contemporary religious forms and practices have their main root in the social depression of workers. This dichotomy in French thought cleft the nation seriously,and Huet, Foucher and Pascal contributed to this dichotomy, as against Malebranche and Montaigne. One social-political significance of this is the rejection of anarchism — the political extreme of individualism.


Socrates, too, was a firm theoretical believer in egalitarianism. Nkrummah rejected this and made the truth accessible to all and possible of appreciation by all. It is besides common for practice to fall short of the demands of theory.

To the extent that individualism accepts as axiomatic the initial equal value of the individual, egalitarianism can be formulated in terms of it.

It must be said that Plato was profoundly upset by the turn which Athenian democracy had taken. It was necessary for Descartes to single out what he could not coherently doubt in order to peg his existence on it.

Indeed, his theory of the unity of nature is in certain respects a more rigorous and close one than that of the monists. That is, propositions about the average man could not make sense unless there were actual men and.

Saahrafunkie rated it did not like it Aug 06, Owing to the change in the structure of society whereby social-political hegemony passed into the hands of the mercantile oligarchy, prosperity no longer depended in a crucial way on a propitiation of the gods in connection with agriculture. Max Rameau rated it it was amazing Jul 02, When materialism becomes dialectical, the world is not regarded as a world of states, but as a world of processes; a world not of things, but of facts.

These were considered fit to become enlightened servants of the colonial administration. If, therefore, matter were dependent on knowledge for its nkrymah, so would our own bodies be. The Renaissance did indeed free itself from certain specific shackles.

But fire, the fundamental thing, suffers transformations into other things.