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Chronological distribution Table 2: For the duties, privileges and restrictions of the flaminica Dialis, see Aul. AD, who apart from paying the summa honoraria for her priesthood generously adorned a porticus with marble slabs, panelled ceilings and columns and built an aqueduct for the city, see Bassignano, o.

L’article 45 concerne les affaires relevant du droit du travail.

Proclamation of the Minister of Transports and Maritime Economy to publish a consolidated reprint of the order [of 27 December ] of the Council of Ministers concerning rights and obligations of railway workers Text No.

Finally, some of the imperial cult were married to husbands who held a different municipal. Across Italy and the Western provinces various titles were used to denote a priestess of the imperial cult. First, she was either called a flaminica or a sacerdos and, second, there is a bewildering variation in the additions to these titles.

His father was the first to receive Roman citizenship, see Les Flava de Cillium. Beard, “Priesthood in the Roman Republic”, in M. Most of them were the wives or mothers of emperors, but some were other relatives, such as Drusilla, who was the sister of Caligula.

Though 25 years old at her death, she was apparently unmarried ; her sisters had her body returned from Rome if this is the right interpretation of urbewhere she died, and buried her in the family mausoleum near Lyon. For other ages at death mentioned on epitaphs of priestesses of the imperial cult: It may perhaps rather be explained by exceptional wealth and generosity.

Social status and social mobility. Verginius Rhodion and seems to have been a freedwoman, or a descendant of a freedman, of the senator P. Varner, “Portraits, plots, and politics: Order of the Minister of Transport and Maritime Economy concerning occupational safety and health in sea and inland ports Text No. Curiously enough, these two were sharply by the Narbonese law on which they base their conclusions.


Of course, more flaminicae may have been married to flamines whose names or titles are lost, but the present evidence strongly suggests that flaminicae were not normally married to flamines. Narbsee Spickermann, I. Delgado Delgado, “Flamines provinciae Lusitaniae”, Gerion 17p. Her family, however, had several imperial priests. Chronological distribution Chronological distribution g E. Apart from the fact that Livia was given the title sacerdos and not flaminica and was not bound by any of the restrictions which governed the life of the flaminica Dialis, the priesthood of the flaminica Dialis depended on that of her husband, the flamen Dialis: Metilius Tertullinus Vennonianus, see A.

It seems more likely that the smaller number of female provincial priests known to us reflects an actual difference in numbers. Burnand, “De la servitude au flaminat: Regulates prevention and crackdown of unfair competition in economic activity, industrial production, construction, commerce and services. It is possible that some sacerdotes or sacerdotes perpetuae were, in fact, priestesses of the imperial cult, but, since this is uncertain, they are excluded.

Yet, on the whole, the epigraphic evidence does not support this view, nor were the priest and priestess of the imperial sicr in Italy and the western provinces regularly presented as a couple, as they were in the Greek East. Imperial priesthood of other male and female relatives [link] Table 6: Yet, since nothing is added dereto the title sacerdos, we cannot be certain that it refers to a priesthood of the imperial cult. As appears from table 4, most flaminicae who were married to flamines, were of high rank ddecreto many of them were the flaminica prima or flaminica perpetua of their towns or exercised a priesthood in more than one town.

Hemelrijk, “City in the Roman Empire”, Historia 53, 2p. As regards the first one, modern authors seem to have been misled by the similarity between the titles of imperial flamines and those of Republican Rome.

decreto 3512 de 2003 pdf editor

AE94 It. Thus, it seems that, in the towns of Italy and the western provinces, there were two separate but complementary priesthoods that were. Their precious gift, a statue of pounds of silver, shows that her family was wealthy. By holding this important priesthood they expected to get the social recognition they desired. I, 16, 8 and 30, Plut.


Thus, it was both an incentive, and a reward, for civic generosity. We have seen that – in Italy and the western provinces – priestesses of the imperial cult held their office in their own right. Panzram, Stadtbild und Elite. Polonia – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza.

Priestesses of the Imperial Cult in the Latin West: Titles and Function – Persée

And, if priestesses, how, and on what grounds, were they elected and whose cult did they serve? This notion is based on the distinction between? Order of the Minister of Agriculture and Food Economy on the prohibition of selling real estate by persons receiving farmers’ social security pensions or annuities, and on devolution of such real siice to the public treasury Text No.

Order of the Minister of Interior to lay down rules applicable when arresting and detaining aliens in view of their expulsion, and requirements imposed on detention centres and their internal rules Text No.

For a detailed comparison of their sics, privileges and restrictions, see Williamson, I. But what was the relation between the cult of the individual empress and decreeto of the other female members of the family?

Quantitative studies, Cambridge,p. Establishes a list of unfair practices, contains civil responsibility provisions and determines sanctions. Grether, “Livia and the imperial cult”, AJPh 67p. Polity and Society in Roman Pompeii, Rome,p.

Though imperial priests were preferably chosen from members of the elite, also wealthy persons outside the elite were eligible for this priesthood, which makes it both an indication of high social rank and a vehicle for social promotion. The usually close coincidence between the – admittedly insecure – date of the inscription and that of the empress in question suggests that, as a rule, only the living empress or her immediate predecessor were worshipped individually.