View and Download Ericsson Dialog Operator user manual online. BusinessPhone Communication Platform. Dialog Operator Telephone pdf manual. Welcome to the User Guide for the Dialog Operator /. Dialog in the BusinessPhone Communication Platform from. Ericsson. The BusinessPhone. Dialog Operators support advanced system functions that are required for operator configurations.

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However, if your system is programmed that way, it might be possible to have several calls camped on to the same extension 1 – 9. Dial the next number and extend.

Ericsson Dialog 4224 Phone

A level change also effects a headset connected to the headset outlet. Announce the call when the extension is answered.

Can be either digital or analog. All international shipment charges are quoted per parcel. Worldwide Delivery We ship worldwide from our UK warehouse. The messages are transmitted as predetermined digit codes containing a maximum of ten digits.

Dial the code to get an external line and the number. Data Traffic If the data extension is in local mode: Answer the recall in the normal way.

Dialog 4224 Operator. User Guide. Operator Terminal for MX-ONE Telephony System and MD110

Recall from a metered call All metered calls are recalled to the operator on completion so the operator can read the meter. This ensures that goods have been purchased from MF Communications Diaoog. Press the key for the requested type erisson call: Security Dial your present Password. EUR next print reset return Press to step through all the counters see display. Press the Common Mailbox key pre-programmed. This is how the keys are used: Inquiry When an extension contacts the operator with an external call put on hold, proceed in the same manner as section An extension calls the terminal on page Important User Information When the extension replaces the handset you are automatically connected to the caller.


We aim for next day delivery. If the answering position number is the same as the dialed number, the number is shown both as the dialed number and the answering number.

If you do not pressthe phone automatically returns to idle about 30 seconds after the last key press. Please quote Ericsson Dialog Phone or product codes: A maximum of 40 notes can be programmed for incoming calls, and 20 notes for recalls.

Wall Mounting Handset Hook Place the graphic directly on the page, do not care about. To turn the terminal on or switch it to Day Service: Start display at page:. Press to insert notes 1 9. Dial the next number and extend. Page 26 Press to pause pre-programmed. Press the digit s for external call access. Correct if possible, and inform the caller. Call extended to a busy extension. Press to stop the recording and save the message see activate display. Press to end DTMF mode. Table Of Contents The caller is camped on to the extension and the terminal is cleared.


Dictaphone Function Press to pause the recording see display. Speech right To talk to the destination party. Notices While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that the information in this document. Keep the terminal away from excessive heat and moisture.


The extension is busy If you are announcing a call to a busy extension and Call Waiting is permitted. You will hear the selected type. Got it, continue to print.

Handset And Headset Volume Key lamp on indicates amplified volume level. Call Appearance Keys allow the user to handle multiple calls and the display shows call information. System dependent, the calling party can listen to the announcement.

When using your telephone or connected equipment, the following basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce risk of fire, electrical shock and other personal injury. In idle mode or when ringing: Press to activate call announcing. Malicious Call Tracing Note: The terminal rings and 422 display shows that the call is rerouted and the reason for rerouting: If a search profile digit is not entered, the default list is activated.