New York Times bestselling author Joyce Carol Oates’s strongest and most unsparing novel yet—an always engrossing, often shocking evocation. By the end of Foxfire we know it too, emerging from another punishing round in the ring with Joyce Carol Oates. In this sombre story of blood. It was between the ages of thirteen and seventeen that I belonged to FOXFIRE and FOXFIRE made sacred those years.” Madeleine Faith Wirtz narrates Oates’s .

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You are my Heart, Joyce. This leads to a police chase that ends in a crash for the Foxfire girls. The fact that this story focuses on a girl gang in a time and place where such things were unheard of, let alone even daydreamed about, is undoubtably the main core of its appeal and awesomeness. The plot was semi realistic for the time period, but was very interesting and well developed by the author.

Literary Fiction Historical Fiction Category: Legs spends more than a year at Red Bank.

Another large problem that I just couldn’t get past was the idea that as someone who has been wronged in a terrible way, as many of the girls and women are in the book, doesn’t make it okay to use equal or ever lesser violence against others. Ella lo entiende todo y cuando digo todo es todo. Several other girls ask to join the gang. Dec 10, Heather Duff rated it it was amazing. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. It was like an all-girl version of Fight Club, set in s New York.

All of the carpl have very poor, or non-existent, male role models and there are some horrific scenes of rape, sexual harassment and violence. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang

The film version of Foxfire: Son temas habituales de Oates en sus novelas o eso dicen. Aunque Monkey es la protagonista-narradora, Legs carpl la jefa de la banda y, por ello, la protagonista. View all 3 comments.


I would expect someone looking back on her teenage years to experience a flood of memories and emotions not easily jlyce in good grammar. Las locuras de las chicas a veces parecen excesivas, otras meras chiquilladas y algunas actos de justicia en toda regla.

Buttinger is openly laughed at in school and quickly retires from teaching altogether. She is pictured reading astronomy books throughout the story. Loved the final chapters. Oates seemed to be making an effort here to make the men well-rounded. Pages to import images to Wikidata. The girls living in this town are young, but they have already seen some of the horrors of the world fooxfire live in.

Confessions of a Girl Gang is a novel by Joyce Carol Oates about a group of teenage girls in upstate New York in the s who form a gang called Foxfire. However, both novels have left carool suitably impressed with the quality of Ms.

The Foxfire gang is her creation and Legs becomes an odd combination of bully and mother-hen to the group of lost girls that fall under her charge. Sep 17, Minutes Buy. Legs is an athletic, charismatic girl with feminist ideals about female pride and solidarity. This for some reason was not one of those books. They aren’t the girls of some local hoods. She created her own world, ideas of justice, and life philosophy out of necessity.

Was torn between giving this a 3 or a Really liked this one. Despite the slightly strange set-up, however, the actual plot of the book is very engaging, with its near constant action interrupted with discoveries about friendship, justice, and revenge. Confessions of a Girl Gang directed by French director Laurent Cantetwas released in Europe in December and has been cited as being a more faithful adaptation of the book.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. One scene, in which she unexpectedly discovers sexual power while dressing up as a man for a job interview is one of the most memorable and surreal episodes of the entire book. Feminist vigilantism appeals to me on this base, primal level, even if I have problems with violence in general.


Encouraged by this first victory, Foxfire becomes increasingly bold in their activities. At once brutal and lyrical, this is a careening joyride of a novel – charged with outlaw energy and lit by intense emotion.

The author excelled in this aspect and really developed a message about sexual abuse and alcoholism. And each time I read it – this would be my third – I take something new away from it.

Feb 26, Laura rated it it was ok. Want to Read saving…. That doesn’t mean to just take rape and domestic abuse in stride, it does mean you have the right to protect yourself but not to put others down as much as you have been. Unfortunately the execution was pretty dull; skewed timelines, the narrator being referred to sometimes in the first person and sometimes in the third, rambling sentences and two-page-long paragraphs about nothing in particular at one point there is an entire page devoted to listing out, verbatim, the rules and regulations of a juvenile detention centre.

Here, Joyce Carol Oates is at her best. Those who know me know I am pretty Type A, and my brain likes things nice, neat, and logical. Foxfire is set in the s, in a fictional city in New York.

Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang by Joyce Carol Oates

This time there were two things. They are wild, and courageous, and vulnerable. Sep 04, Marinechinaski rated it really liked it.