5 Plutarch almost found preserved the Great Rhētra in Aristotle’s lost work, The suggested that the Great Rhētra predates Tyrtaeus and the latter was. Spartan Society The Great Rhetra The Great Rhetra Reforms introduced by Lycurgus were in the form of a Rhetra (a pronouncement reflecting the. Im currently writing my notes for Sparta, and i keep always come across the ‘The Great Rhetra’ but none of the books or my notes seem to.

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In the legend Lycurgus forbade any written constitution. It determines whose left. You are commenting using your Facebook grrat. The apella lacked formal training and possessed little real power. The Gerousia – consisted of the gerontes 28 Spartan males over the age of When the multitude was assembled thus, no one of them was permitted to make a motion, but the motion laid before them by the Gerontes and Kings could be accepted or rejected by the Demos.

So eager was Lycurgus for the gerat of this form treat government, that he obtained an oracle from Delphi about it, which they call a ‘rhetra’. The reforms supposedly introduced by Lycurgus were in the form of the Great Rhetra likely dating from the 7 th century BCE. If there was an oracle, the question of what writing system, if any, was the vehicle of the oracles is moot.

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Living in a fertile country and with a numerous population of men, they immediately shot up and flourished.

This good order gave Sparta its relative stability and earned the admiration of many Greek writers, including Herodotus and Xenophon. These three bodies the gerousia, ephorate and apella combined into a single government.

In one sense, it was the Spartan Constitutionbelieved to have been formulated and established by the legendary lawgiver, Lycurgus. Even more recent research has cast doubt on the existence of Lycurgus at all!

Lycurgus – the Great Rhetra

Lycurgus introduced important political and economic reforms as well as the Agoge. Im currently writing my notes for Sparta, and i keep always grat across the ‘The Great Rhetra’ but none of the books or my notes seem to explain it clearly What did Lycurgus achieve?

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Role of the Individual in Ephoros’ Histories. By these changes they became a well ordered state, and they dedicated a temple to Lycurgus when he died and revere him greatly.

Lycurgus was the younger son of the Eurypontid king, Eunomus.

Rhetra | ancient Greek law |

Modern scholars are divided on whether or not Lycurgus was an actual person or a series of initiatives that revolutionised Sparta over time. The Great Rhetra law was based on the oracle which was handed to Lycurgus who executed it in Sparta. Linear B was gone and the alphabet had not yet arrived in Greece. Has it been found? Evidence suggests the monarchy existed before Lycurgus. This article is part of the series: As all Spartan citizens were open to election, the presumption is that the poor ones might be bribed.


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Phoebus Rhetda the mandate was which they brought from Pytho Voicing the will of the God, nor were his words unfulfilled: Results 1 to 12 of He visited the oracle of Apollo which gave the Great Rhetra. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I was wondering what it exactly it is and what has it got to do with Lykourgus?

The Issue Of Lycurgus THE GREAT RHETRA Flashcards Preview

Zeus on his throne with his eagle This article is part of the series: On reaching the inner sanctum of the temple, he heard:. The Lycurgan reforms The Rhetra the Law Modern scholarship casts doubt on the fact that the system came into being at a single point in time.

For example, Cyrus the Younger knew perfectly well that Lysander was forbidden by law to hold a second term as navarch, and yet he requested the Spartan government gfeat make an exception. The Great Rhetra held the significant foundation of Spartan constitution 2 kings instead of 1 and also concerned the establishment of the Gerousia.