Koha Manual Documentation. Release 2 Introduction to the Koha Installation Process. 3. SelectMARCflavour. This manual is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3 or later . Learn more about this license in the GPL3 Appendix. RELEASE NOTES FOR KOHA 22 Oct As of Koha , the Koha manual is now maintained in DocBook. The home page for Koha.

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Global System Preferences 1.

The release team would like to thank everyone involved in this release for making it possible. Holds awaiting pickup 9. Enhanced Content Related 4.

This is my last release as release maintainer for the 3. The website for the Koha project is http: Installation of Locum 4. Upload Patron Images 2. Setting up Messages 4. Change My Password 6. Volume 3, Issue 4: Koha Embedded Holdings Data Patron Attribute Types 3.


Koha 3.8.19 released

Number of Items Per Bib Record 3. Handling On Order Items and Holds 7. Library Transfer Limits 3.

Custom RSS Feeds 6. This is a maintenance release and contains many bugfixes. If you’re upgrading from a previous version, you must update your configuration, or the memcache won’t work anymore.

Advanced Search Prefixes 2. In the Print Driver 1. Upload Offline Circ File 6. Resetting the Koha Database 1. Report a security issue Privacy Policy. If you’re upgrading, they are not activated.

Koha 3.8.9 released

Checking Items Out 1. Converting from Excel format into. Responsive Theme powered by WordPress.

Reader’s Digest 2. The koha community is proud to announce the release of 3. The home page for Koha documentation is http: Duplicate Overdue Notices 2.

Koha Released – Official Website of Koha Library Software

This mode is not the most efficient we can have. Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel Release Maintainer 3. For Star SP Printers 3. Printing Overdue Notices 2.

Create a basket group 4. Amazon lookup script for Koha libraries 2. Each set of advanced search fields are displayed in tabs in both the OPAC and staff client.


We thank the following individuals who contributed patches to Manuak 3. When the network is back, you can upload all KOCT manuaal from your circulation desks, and apply all of them at once.

Circulation and Fine Rules 3. Strange behaviour with exact matches default instead of custom favicon used, 33.8 to much results Test Suite normal UT: The home page for Koha documentation is http: Add to a List 1.

Currently available linker options are: Katrin Fischer QA Team: Checking Items In 3. Creation of User and Group 6.

Koha Release – Official Website of Koha Library Software

Unable to Place Holds 2. Average Loan Time 3. Installation of Koha Connector 5.